Our Story

I’m Caiti, and I'm an amputee. I was born with a rare birth defect, and had to have my lower left leg amputated below the knee at the age of four. I was always an outgoing and active kid, but when the pointing, staring, and feelings of rejection kicked in during my teenage years, I began hiding my disability. I never wore clothes exposing my leg and rarely ever told new friends.

After 10+ tiring years of keeping my leg a secret, I had to have a major revision. I couldn't hide my prosthetic anymore. With all the strength I had and with the support of a few special people, I began to embrace who I am and have become far more comfortable in my own skin. Skirts, dresses, and even sandals have been introduced back into my closet! ampuTeez is my final step in being 100% comfortable with all of who I am: I'm Caiti. I just happen to be an amputee.

I'm Meghan, and I'm one of Caiti's biggest fans. When she had the idea to create a line of apparel for amputees, I was quick to jump on board and help her vision come to life. Three seasons of designs later and it's still just the beginning of a long and exciting adventure!